In order to provide the best value for Undercarriage Parts, KBJ undercarriage components are manufactured utilising detailed knowledge of design specifications and performance requirements of major original manufacturers.

This information is then analysed by our engineers taking critical considerations including material specification, hardness factors and precise dimensions before final product design utilising CAD. Continuous research in steel metallurgy and treatment for manufacturing production ensures the best value undercarriage components roll-off from our production lines. Final detailed Quality Control checks ensures quality standards are maintained to offer the best value products available in the market.

All KBJ SALT Track Links and Sealed Tracks are now manufactured by Korea Crawler Track Limited, a 100% Hoe Leong Corporation owned Undercarriage Manufacturer in South Korea which also supplies to Equipment Manufacturers as we continue expanding our manufacturing capabilities.

  • Wide range available for Tractors (SALT Type - Sealed and Lubricated Tracks) and Excavators/Crawlers (Sealed Type)

  • Forged Links, Pin and Bushing have high surface hardness and depth hardened for long wear life and ability to withstand high impact load and stress

  • Dimensionally matched Pin, Bushing and Link provides optimum track joint integrity

  • Quality Seal Groups (Salt Track) and Washer ensures sealing integrity
  • Wide availability of Single or Double Flange Track Rollers for both track-type tractors and excavators

  • Two piece Friction Welded design to ensure structural strength

  • Shell forged from depth hardening steel and uniform heat treatment for internal strength and long wear life

  • Excavators Track Rollers are manufactured with large-diameter shaft to withstand high impact underfoot conditions

  • Quality Seal Groups ensures sealing integrity for extended use
  • Our Carrier Rollers are manufactured with large diameter shafts to withstand the heavy load of unsupported Tracks
  • Heat treated for depth hardness ensuring longer life on wear surface

  • Hardened Rims extends wear life and resist chipping
  • Available for Weld-on Sprockets Rims, Bolt-on Sprockets and Segments type

  • Sprockets are induction hardened to increase service life

  • Forged Segments and depth hardening provides better durability

  • Tooth profiles are precision manufactured to match Track Bushings
Besides KBJ, we also supply a wide range of undercarriage components from ITM, a market leading undercarriage manufacturer.