To ensure that our customers will be able to experience high and consistent quality at competitive pricing, the company strategically invested in manufacturing of Undercarriage Parts.

In 2004, the company initiated its manufacturing vision and 2006 saw the commencement in operation of Kunshan Kanto-Buhin Manufacturing Company Limited in Kunshan, within the Jiangsu Province of China.

In late 2010, Korea Crawler Track Limited was setup to commence the company's own Track Link manufacturing plant in South Korea. Besides manufacturing our in-house KBJ Track Link brand, the plant contract manufactures for OEMs.



In 2007, ISO 9001-2000 Certification was accredited to Kunshan Kanto-Buhin Manufacturing Company Limited in testimony of its quality manufacturing processes. In the same year, improvement in quality control and production processes was enhanced and incorporated with technology and experience from European Consultants. 2008 saw the investment in Friction Welded Equipment for the manufacturing of Rollers to ensure improved quality and consistency in the manufacturing of Rollers to differentiate from low-end products.

As from 2011 all KBJ Track Links are manufactured in our, 100% Hoe Leong Corporation owned, manufacturing plant located nearby Jinju City, Gyeongnam Province, South Korea. ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certification was accredited to Korea Crawler Track Limited, South Korea in 2011. Current production capability in manufacturing Track Links from D3 to D10 and D20 to D375. Excavators from 6 to 125 Tons.

At present the company is committed to the expansion and further investment to this business division. Currently, all manufactured products are distributed to OEM Markets and also exported as KBJ Brand throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and South America. We remain committed in our manufacturing expansion of undercarriage components to include a wider range of equipment models especially for Excavators.